Knockout World Record Attempt
What You Need to Know

All players are expected to know and obey these rules.

  1. In order to count as an official participant of the attempt, all players must be signed in, and in position with their group at the start of the game. The game will start at 10:00 AM.
  2. For the purpose of the record attempt, the rules of Knockout are the same as regulation basketball: traveling and double dribbling will result in elimination from the game.
  3. All decisions from the Referees are final and not subject to appeal.
  4. Any shot that results in an air ball (failure for the ball to touch the backboard or the basket) will result in elimination.
  5. No player may receive assistance in the game.
  6. The first shot must be made from the free throw line. Following shots can be taken from anywhere on the court, and the player can reposition himself by dribbling to a new location.
  7. As soon as the player in front has made their shot, the player immediately after can line up at the free throw line to attempt their shot.
  8. If the second player makes their shot before the player in front of them, that first player is eliminated.
  9. As soon as a player makes their shot, they must immediately pass the ball to the next player in line.
  10. No intentional interference is allowed with another players or their ball. No blocking with their body, or using their ball to block another ball and efforts to attempt it will result in that players elimination. (See rule 2.)
  11. Players must follow all instructions of their group’s stewards and remain in line in the order of their wristbands.
  12. Any player leaving the area of play, before being eliminated from the game, must surrender their wristband and will not be counted as having participated in the attempt.
  13. Upon elimination, all players will surrender their wristbands to be counted towards the total.
  14. The game will continue until only 1 player remains.
– The Rules and guidelines are set by Guinness and must be adhered to closely for the record attempt to be valid.
– We will have video and still photographers there to record the attempt. By participating in the attempt, you agree to having your image recorded and used in promotion of the Ultimate Sports Bash.  
– This is an active, athletic event. and injuries are a possibility. Ultimate Sports Events and the University of Utah cannot be held responsible for injuries sustained in the course of your participation.