July 12-13, 2024
Mountain America Expo Center
10 AM – 7 PM

The Ultimate Sports Bash is an entertainment experience that will be focused on sports fans like nothing else has. It combines traditional convention vendor booths with the shared experience of attending sporting events and the fascination and desire to connect with our athletic heroes.

It’s like the world’s biggest tailgating party!

It’s all about Entertainment and Interaction!

Celebrity Athlete Discussion Panels – We will have panels for our guest to introduce themselves, speak about their interests and non-profit projects, tell stories and answer questions from the audience. This allows attendees to hear about their lives and experiences. Topical discussion panels bring together experts in various areas to lead discussions on various topics that are of interest to sports fans both locally and nationally. Examples would be discussions of the BYU/Utah rivalry, fantasy football, the 2002 Olympics, NFL rules and referees, sports movies, etc.
If you love it, we’ll talk about!

Photo-ops and Autographs – Meet with your heroes one-on-one! The Celebrity guests will also be participating in panels and other activities.

Exhibitor floor – We all love to buy stuff, right? Browse the booths and pick up everything from sports equipment to memorabilia. We are committed to involving vendors whose products and services fit closely the feel of the event and add to the overall feel of USB and add to the enjoyment and interest of the show.

Kids Area – Family is an important part of sports and having a safe, fun place for parents and children to be involved together will be an important part of the show. Establishing a fun, constructive experience for kids is one of the most important parts of the show. The kids area will have games and instruction in different sports, possible visits by the athletes themselves, and promotional areas for sponsoring clubs, and sports programs for the area.

The VIP Lounge – MVPs will pay a premium for true VIP access. Celebrity guests will be contracted to spend a certain amount of time in the lounge (20-30 minutes) giving the MVPs an access to each celebrity athlete.