Scheduled Panels

Get up close and personal with our featured athletes and guests!

Utah Football Stories and Q&A
Fri. | 2:00PM | Main Stage

College Rivals Talk Their Journey of Going Pro
Fri. | 3:00PM | Main Stage

Stories and Q&A with this Nitro Circus Favorite
Sat. | 2:00PM | Main Stage

Retired MMA fighter & announcer
Fri. | 4:00PM | Panel Room 2

Stories and Q&A with U of U Quarterback
Fri. | 4:00PM | Main Stage

Stories and Q&A w/ RSL Champion Goalie and MLS career wins record holder
Sat. | 11:00AM | Main Stage

Jay Stevens

Utah Puck Report Panel

Sat. | 1:00 PM | Mainstage

Conversation and Q&A w/ Gianna Kneepens, Reese Ross, Maty Wilke
Sat. | 4:00PM | Panel Room 2

Stories and Q&A with Former Jazz man 
Fri. | 1:00PM | Main Stage

Stories and Q&A with Former Jazz man
Fri. | 12:00PM | Main Stage

Pickleball Masterminds

Pro Chuck Taylor & Devan Egan CEO of Pickleball USA
Fri. | 2:00PM | Panel Room 1

Retired Raiders, Cowboys, and Colts Offensive Tackle & Survivor Contestant
Sat. | 12:00PM | Panel Room 2

Stories and Q&A w/ Stanley Cup Champ and current LA Kings player
Sat. | 1:00 PM | Mainstage

Stories and Q&A w/ former Aggie & running back for Seattle Seahawks
Sat. | 5:00 PM | Panel Room 2

Mountaineer, guide, & world record holder for 21 ascents of Mount Everest
Sat. | 12:00PM | Panel Room 1

Youth Mental Performance and Mental Health

Martial arts champion, actress & Presidential Medal of Honor winner
Sat.  | 11:00AM | Panel Room 1

Trading Card Basics

3H Collectibles (Jordan & James)
Friday | 11:00AM | Panel Room 1

Advanced Trading Cards

Taking Your Hobby to the Next Level- Jordan Kaufman
Sat | 3:00PM | Panel Room 2

Stories and Q&A with U of U Basketball team
Sat. | 2:00PM | Panel Room 2

Q&A w/ Isaac Wilson, Lander Barton, Taeshaun Lyons, Zemaiah Vaughn
Sat. | 5:00PM | Main Stage

USU Football 

Stories and Q&A with USU Basketball team
Sat. | 3:00PM | Panel Room 1

2005 Fiesta Bowl Champs Reunion

Stories and Q&A. Stay Tuned for a Full Roster!
Sat. | 3:00PM | Main Stage

2009 Sugar Bowl Champs Reunion

Stories and Q&A. Stay Tuned for a Full Roster!
Sat. | 6:00PM | Main Stage

A Conversation and Q&A with Dallin Hall, Richie Saunders, and Trevin Knell
Sat. | 4:00PM | Main Stage

Utah Sports Hall of Fame

Celebrating Women in Sports

Vance (Moose) Bingham

Recruiting 101 for High School Athletes and Parents

The Privilege of Coaching Girls

W/ Alli Bills former U of U basketball player
Sat. | 2:00PM | Panel Room 1

Navigating Sports Betting

Joshua Slater of Game Pick – an Intro and Alternatives
Sat. | 4:00PM | Panel Room 1

U of U Gymnastics Team

Sat. | 11:00AM | Main Stage

Ben Bywater, Chase Roberts, Connor Pay, Kody Epps, Tyler Batty
Fri. | 4:00PM | Panel Room 1

Softball 101

Tim Lyon, Gina Barnes, Amy Hogue- Natl. Champs & All-Americans
Fri. | 3:00PM | Panel Room 1

Stories, Plays and Q&A’s

Fri. | 5:00PM | Main Stage

Army Athletics

Mike Melendiaz, #1 Army Soldier Athlete of 2018
Fri. | 12:00PM | Panel Room 2

Referee Stories

2X Superbowl & 19 year NFL referee Doug Toole 
Fri. | 5:00PM | Panel Room 1

Shad Martin – maximize your potential on & off the field.
Fri. | 6:00PM | Panel Room 1

Beyond the Fur

Original 24 season Jazz Bear Mascot Jon Absey Panel & Q&A
Fri. | 6:00PM | Main Stage

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